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Urban Planning Part Time Teaching Job

We’ve been invited to deliver some after school programing at a private school in Bellevue and are looking to hire a teaching artist. In addition to covering an introduction to architecture, urban planning, and design, the school would like the project to focus on light rail. Do you know of anyone within your network or have access to a list of people that might be interested in this kind of role? 


The position is only at one site, Open Windows in Bellevue, and only a couple of hours a week, so it’s very part time. The job announcement is posted here:


If you have any suggestions of where we might be able to share this info and get some interested people please let us know.


Many thanks,



Kim Owens | Program Director

P 206.957.1921

Seattle Architecture Foundation

@ The Center for Architecture and Design

1010 Western Ave, Seattle, WA  98104 |