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Plants Over Poultry


This project assessed how plant-based meat substitutes can most effectively replace animal-based meat. I focus specifically on chicken, the most widely produced animal in the meat industry. 9,000,000,000 chickens are killed for meat every year in the United States, dwarfing the number of all other animals used for meat combined. Chicken production is a threat to global health,
because it heavily contributes to the emissions of greenhouse gases. An environmental justice issue arises as low-income communities with little political power live near chicken farms and slaughterhouses, which means they experience polluted waterways and local environments from the animal waste. One of the most promising solutions to end the factory farming practices of chickens is plant-based meat that is similar in texture and taste. The scope of the chicken industry demands that this solution account for scale of implementation and for the socioeconomic implications of thenah shrinking poultry industry.