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Eat on the Street in Hong Kong


The itinerant hawkers and street food in Hong Kong (HK) are disappearing in just a few generations, HK’s mobile hawkers and street food are such an important characteristic of HK, but they keep losing value! Therefore, my project would like to investigate this issue and see how the street food culture can be explored and passed down. There are three deliverables in my project. First, I have created an academic written report which includes literature review, the findings from my survey and interviews, and my analysis. Second, I have developed a pop-up scrapbook which includes two parts. The first part introduces the unique traditional street food in Hong Kong’s mobile food trucks. Based on the survey I sent to residents who lived in HK in the 1920s – 1980s, I realized that Hongkongers are in love with the mobile food trucks and street food. They strongly hope both will pass on to future generations. The second part of my scrapbook includes traditional street food recipes. These recipes not only provide a comprehensive description of traditional street food, but also provides an opportunity to pass down the recipes by themselves. Additionally, there is a pattern book which includes paper patterns of street food which can cut out and fold into 3D shapes. Let anyone who is interested in 3D form of street food can make it themselves. I believe my project and deliverables can help the others to be in touch with the disappearing cultural heritage of street food and mobile stalls in HK.