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Cycle Pack


The plethora of positive social, and environmental benefits that result from cycling inspired me to research how the University of Washington could increase bicycle ridership on and to campus. Preliminary research uncovered a gap in services provided to students who live within biking distance of campus, but do not have access to a bicycle. My research also revealed that a bicycle library, which facilitates long term bicycle rentals, would fill this service gap. Pursuing this finding, my project morphed into developing a plan to establish a bicycle library at the UW. I began this process by grounding myself in literature, conducting case studies on bicycle libraries, andunpacking the success and failures of bike-share schemes. Next, I reached out to the UW community in order to conduct interviews, expand my research, and establish campus partnerships.After compiling my research, I developed a bicycle library program, conducted a cost analysis and applied for a $25,000 grant through the Campus Sustainability Fund. As a result of funding from the CSF, and coordination between; UWild, EcoReps, UW Transportation Services, and UW Sustainability, “Cycle Pack” bicycle rentals will be available to student starting in the Fall of 2017.While the program I have developed provides a detailed plan for implementation and operation,Cycle Pack’s success will depend on its ability to adapt over time and the collaboration between the program’s supporting organizations and departments.