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Attract People to the Streets

Every city around the world has a different urban history with specific social, political, and economical cultures along with it. However, we have reached a point in urbanization where cities all share the same challenges when it comes to urban planning. The common goal for them is to become more livable and people friendly. One method to address this urbanism issue is to look at the street design and how the building facades are connected to the general urban space. The goal of this project is to find new urban design ideas that focus on improving the connection between the facade and the sidewalk in order to ultimately create pedestrian friendly streets. To do so I compared the street design of the cities of Seattle, WA and Paris, France. Looking at specific streets at both places, it will target Eastlake Ave E in Seattle and different boulevards and streets in Paris, France. By comparing these streets in terms of urban design and regulations, as well as the work of designers who got inspired by overseas ideas as well, we can find new solutions to address the many challenges Eastlake Ave E is currently facing as a mixed development street. To present my findings in my presentation, I created a video documentary that shows how similarly Paris and Seattle regulate their street façade but design them differently. My final product is to give some recommendations for Eastlake Ave E shown through paintings. The project accomplished, people can realize that we can find urban planning solutions in other city concepts. We can find new design solutions for our streets by getting inspired by other culture’s ideas.