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RE 350 – Intro to Real Estate

Course Description
This is an introductory course and does not assume any previous knowledge of real estate. The mixture of fundamental concepts with expert guest speakers and discussions on real estate related news allows students to understand the workings of the real estate industry in more depth and prepares them for further study of the real estate profession. The individual class meetings cover: a) general topics of the real estate industry b) the processes needed to complete a transaction and c) an overview of the quantitative components of the real estate decision-making for the buyers and sellers. All lecture materials will be posted on the course Canvas website ( ) one day in advance of each class.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course the students should be able to:
A. Overall:

    – Apply basic analytical and quantitative techniques
    – Demonstrate an ability to use technology and apply knowledge in new circumstances
    – Adopt innovative problem solving
    – Communicate effectively
    – Demonstrate effective decision making skills

B. Specific:

    – Understand the participants and processes involved in the real estate market
    – Understand the steps needed before a real estate transaction takes place
    – Understand representation within the real estate transaction
    – Acquire basic competency in real estate finance calculations
    – Acquire basic competency within taking title to real estate
    – Understand ethical decision making while dealing with all parties involved

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