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Alternative Spring Break 2017


Intern Search to host Pipeline Drop In Hours
Hello People of Pipeline! We’re always on the hunt to find ways to better support our tutors in volunteering through Pipeline.
We are planning on hosting late night drop-in hours (5pm-8pm) for Winter Quarter and beyond to help new tutors get adjusted to volunteering with us. In order to make this happen we are looking for 2-3 special interns whose main focus will be manning the drop in hours for the quarter. Could this be you?

Job Duties:
· Meeting with UW students throughout the quarter during scheduled drop-in hours (5-8pm) to answer questions about tutoring with Pipeline
· Moderating online discussion board for Pipeline Tutor Inquiries
· Coordinate Pipeline tutor buddy system/ network
· Represent the Pipeline Project at campus and community events
· Winter and Spring Quarter minimum commitment

Desired Qualifications:
· Passion to help students enhance their tutoring experience
· Strong initiative, self-starter. Ability to creatively problem solve.
· Strong written and oral communication skills
· Work well both as a team member and independently
· Bilingual

Required Qualifications:
· Student at the University of Washington
· Has tutored with Pipeline for at least 2 quarters or tutored AU16 and is planning on continuing to tutor WI17
· Strong organization and problem solving skills
· Ability to work with undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds
· Enthusiasm, flexibility, self-direction

If this is something you are interested in participating in please email with a resume and a cover letter.

Literacy Arts Alternative Spring Break
Pipeline recruits a group of UW undergraduates to volunteer on a literacy arts project with elementary, middle or high school kids in rural Washington during spring break. The UW students are sent out in groups of 5 to 10-12 sites to help young students come up with an idea for a book, write a rough draft, edit the draft, and print and bind a single-signature book. The young students illustrate their published book and present it to the community at the end of the week. At a few sites, Pipeline tutors will be working with middle school and high school students doing college prep mentoring.

Each team will collect students’ stories and artwork and bring it back from the project to compile in a magazine to send out to all of the student participants. Selected stories will be featured in the magazine and all of the stories will go on the web. Following the project, the stories need to be edited and the magazine designed.

DATES: March 19-24, 2017
Application HERE

For more information visit our webpage

If you have any further questions, please e-mail

Sign Up for a Winter Quarter Inner Pipeline (EDUC 401) Seminar
Looking for an interesting class to take this Winter? Gain 1-5 credits from one of our amazing seminars available for fall quarter! Check out the list of seminars HERE!

Winter Inner Pipeline Seminar Spotlight: Introduction to Mindfulness (EDUC 401C)
Date: Wednesdays
Time: 12:30-1:50pm in MGH 258
Start date: 01/03

This is an introductory course on the concepts of Mindfulness where you will learn practices to move through your day in a more intentional and mindful way. In order to teach mindfulness to students in a classroom, first come learn how to develop your own personal practice. This will be an inquiry-based class encouraging experiential learning and the material will build on itself throughout the quarter. It is hoped that you will be able to develop your own personal mindfulness practice and then help share this information with the school populations you will be mentoring in the future.

The seminars are designed to provide a space where we can collectively reflect on tutoring experiences, emerging knowledge of teaching practices, and the relationships we build with the world. As a whole, this experience is intended to challenge us to raise questions about the purpose and nature of education in an increasingly diverse, global society. We will also always consider possibilities for a stronger, healthier and more equitable future by being realistic optimists!

For more information visit our website HERE

Starving the Beast
If you’re interested in learning more about the future of funding public higher education in Washington State, and across the country, please join us for the film and conversation…

Free showing of the movie Starving the Beast on campus!
When: December 5, 2016
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Kane Hall 120

“STARVING THE BEAST examines the on-going power struggle on college campuses across the nation as political and market-oriented forces push to disrupt and reform America’s public universities. The film documents a philosophical shift that seeks to reframe public higher education as a ‘value proposition’ to be borne by the beneficiary of a college degree rather than as a ‘public good’ for society. Financial winners and losers emerge in a struggle poised to profoundly change public higher education. The film focuses on dramas playing out at the University of Wisconsin, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Louisiana State University, University of Texas and Texas A&M.”

Toy Hacking
On December 11, The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology will be bringing in the holiday cheer by adapting toys to make them accessible for children with disabilities.
Did you know that many toys have buttons and inputs that are inaccessible to children with disabilities? With a few simple hacks, we can adapt toys to make them switch-accessible, which means that a child who was previously unable to operate the toy, now can!

This year, TCAT has received many requests for toys, but not enough toy donations or hackers to adapt them. Come help us for a few hours and learn a new skill in the process! OR Sponsor a toy with a $30 donation.


RSO Leaders Summit
The RSO Leaders Summit is a unique event that connects incredible RSO leaders at UW. The goal of the summit is to provide a venue for RSO leaders to meaningfully come together, gain opportunities to connect and collaborate, learn about ASUW and campus resources, and discuss important issues relevant to all RSOs.

Why you should attend:
· Free Food & Giveaways: Lunch, snacks, and free stuff will be provided!
· Meet RSO Leaders: There are over 900 RSOs, which means there are likely many other groups doing work that connect to your goals. You will be given intentional time to discuss, learn, and develop collaborative ideas with other RSOs. There will also be a program-planning case competition where you could even win funding!
· ASUW Resources: The Board of Directors and representatives from the many ASUW entities/commissions/services will be there to meet you and discuss how they can support you.
· Networking & Support: SAO Advisors and other UW organizations that provide different types of support to RSOs will also be there to connect.
· RSO Issues: From how to obtain funding, to marketing/outreach, to leadership development, there will information and workshops on RSO-specific issues.
· Campus Issues: How is your RSO enacting equity? Regardless of mission of your RSO, there are issues on campus that deeply affect all students such as mental health and sexual assault. Part of the event will be dedicated to discussing your role as a leader in relation to those issues.

Details & RSVP:
The RSO Leaders Summit will be held on Saturday, January 14th from 9:30AM – 3:30PM in the UW Intellectual House. Please RSVP HERE, and RSVP to the Facebook Event because there will be event updates on the page as details get finalized. This event will be defined by the people there, so your presence as a RSO leader will really mean a lot. If you have any questions or feedback, please email Meili Powell at

We’re always on the hunt to find ways to better support our tutors in volunteering through Pipeline.

We are planning on hosting late night drop-in hours (5pm-8pm) for Winter Quarter and beyond to help new tutors get adjusted to volunteering with us. In order to make this happen we are looking for 2-3 special interns whose main focus will be manning the drop in hours for the quarter. Could this be you?