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CEE 298  Special Topics: History of Civic Infrastructure

This course will explore design, construction and impact of large-scale infrastructure projects in the United States, from the 1800s to the present day.  From the surveying the American west, to the construction of railroads and canals, to the municipal systems which gave rise to urban density and skyscrapers, the United States (and Seattle in particular) has been uniquely impacted by the agency of engineers, architects, and builders to alter the given landscape.  At the time, these projects were done in the name of many different social, political, racial, economic and civic agendas – ones that are due for critical reflection in the 21st century.  As infrastructure projects continue into the present day, these reflections are vital for young professionals who seek to engage/ change the course of development into the future. No prerequisite courses. W credit available.

Tuesday/Thursday: 3:30-4:50

SLN: 21590