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Pacific Northwest Tribes and the Environment – Winter 2017

This course is open to students from all majors and has no prerequisites.

AIS 275 B: Pacific Northwest Tribes and the Environment
Instructor: Michael Tulee
5 credits I&S (NW by request to
MW 5:30 – 7:20 pm
This course examines what roles tribes are taking in responding to ongoing environmental issues. We will explore Northwest tribes’ relationships with their physical environment in multiple domains. We will analyze human induced impacts on salmon, water, and forests, all of which are vital to tribes. Social approaches to resolving environmental problems on tribal lands through sustainability measures, policies, conservation, social movements, and environmental justice will be discussed. We will focus on issues that include global warming, consumerism, biodiversity, conservation and energy reform. Finally, we will ask ourselves “Why does this matter and what role can I play?”