February 16, 2018

Wild Rockies Field Institute

THINK OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM for academic credit this summer!

The Wild Rockies Field Institute is an off-campus study opportunity; WRFI offers academic field-based courses through the University of Montana.  Our courses take place in the “Wild Rockies” of North America and combine rigorous academic inquiry with cultural immersion and extended backcountry expeditions.  Students join us from colleges and universities across North America and from a wide variety of majors; we currently offer courses in Environmental Studies, Natural Resources & Science Management, Native American Studies, Geography, Science, and Philosophy.  WRFI’s small group size and interdisciplinary curriculum offer students an exceptional opportunity to complement their coursework on campus with experiential education in the field.  Scholarships available!


Wild Rockies: Conservation Across Boundaries | summer | 18 quarter credits | June 19- July 30, 2018 | http://wrfi.net/courses/Y2Y.html

Cycle the Rockies: Energy and Climate Change in Montana | summer | 9 quarter credits | June 21- July 18, 2018 | http://wrfi.net/courses/cyclemontana.html

Restoration Ecology in Greater Yellowstone | summer | 4.5 quarter credits | June 25- July 14, 2018 | http://wrfi.net/courses/restorationecology.html

Environmental Ethics: Climate Change and Visions of a Sustainable Future | summer | 4.5 quarter credits | July 24- August 12, 2018 | http://www.wrfi.net/courses/enviroethics.html

Learn more on our website: www.wrfi.net and blog: www.wildrockies.wordpress.com

Please Contact Bethany Applegate (WRFI Outreach Manager) with questions at bethany@wrfi.net or 406-549-4336.