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Vertically Integrated Projects – Register Now!

Register now for a one or two credit course this Autumn quarter this is cross-listed as CSE 495 or ENGR 297/497, Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP). We have two active projects under VIP this year: (1) AccessMap – Accessible Routing and Navigation, (2) OSRead – Open Source Literacy Intervention Platform.

VIP team members typically commit 3-7 hours per week if registered for 1 credit and 7-12 hours per week if registered for 2 credits. Please read below about each of these projects and the structure of the VIP program. With any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact

The VIP course structure: continuity, technical depth, and disciplinary breadth
This course operates in conjunction with the University of Washington Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program, which supports hands-on, project-based, graduate and undergraduate research and exploration. The VIP Program operates in a research and development context, with teams of students and faculty working on real-world projects. Undergraduate students that participate in VIP earn academic credit for their participation in design/discovery efforts that assist faculty and graduate students with research and development issues in their areas of expertise.

The teams are:

Multidisciplinary – drawing students from all disciplines on campus;
Vertically-integrated – maintaining a mix of sophomores through PhD students each quarter;
Long-term – each undergraduate student may participate in a project for up to three years and each graduate student may participate for the duration of their graduate career. The longevity of students’ involvement enables the completion of large-scale design/discovery projects that are of significant benefit to research programs.

Additional information regarding VIP at UW can be found at