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UW Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Attend: Entrepreneurship Fest 2017
There’s something for everyone and still more to explore! Whether you’re a die-hard entrepreneur, interested in working for a startup, or just curious, this is your opportunity to try it out as you learn from startup CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, and fellow student innovators.

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Apply: Entrepreneurship Minor (non-business majors)
Open to all non-business majors. Pre-reqs: ECON 200, ACCTG 219
Entrepreneurs come from every discipline. They are adept at turning novel ideas into reality, and are not afraid of challenging the status quo or tackling the big problems in society and science. But the truth is that it takes more than an idea to be successful: it takes the knowledge, experience, and network of a smart leader. Students who pursue the Entrepreneurship Minor are creative and energetic, with a critical eye for opportunities and the passion and skill to follow through.

Deadline Approaching!
Application deadline: October 25

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