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URBDP 598 Road Map to Washington’s Future

UDP 598 O
2 Credits
Winter 2018
Open to MUP and senior CEP students



WA State biennium budget funded an effort by the Ruckelshaus Center to manage the “Road Map” project that will gauge public opinion regarding planning issues in Washington. The results of these sessions will be used to examine current planning laws and possible changes to them.

The first step of the Roadmap project will be to conduct focused workshops in which invited participants will identify key values, objectives and ideas regarding planning in the state. Students will attend preparatory classes about Growth Management Act concepts and facilitation practices and then will assist senior staff in conducting one or more workshops and summarizing the results.


· Classes: 4:30 to 6:30 PM, Tuesdays
· Help prepare for and facilitate a one day workshop and assist in documenting results


·2 UDP academic credits
· The opportunity to work and network with high level professionals, policy makers and activists
· A real-world, resume building experience.
· Increased facilitation and communication skills based on actual participation in workshops.
· Greater knowledge of the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) planning framework.
· The chance to get in on the ground floor of an important, statewide planning effort.

For more information, contact:
Rick Krochalis at or
John Owen at