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Sustainability Studio Student Presentations

This term’s topic is Socially Responsible Purchasing.
This year’s presentations will run from 11:30 am to 1:20 pm on December 8 in the Wallace Hall Commons.

This term’s projects/client partners include:

Supplier Diversity at UW – who are we missing?

  • Team assessed current supplier partnerships at UW, looking at where and who our WMBE contracts are – or are not – and why
  • Logos and Certifications – How much do they matter?

  • Team designed and implemented a UW-wide survey to examine perceptions of different “green” certifications, and how this effects purchasing decisions across campus
  • Two teams working with the City of Auburn to develop their Buy Local Program

  • The City of Auburn is launching its Buy Local Program to increase awareness of local business offerings and to help keep money within the community
  • Teams focused around data collection and marketing/design for the program
  • Be a Good Dawg marketing team

  • Be a Good Dawg is a new program with UW Office of Sustainability that is focused around individuals making more sustainable purchasing decisions, being involved in local community events, and being a mindful consumer of energy, resources, etc.
  • Team developed a matrix of marketing and outreach opportunities (and developed initial outreach materials)
  • SafeFlame – starting a startup

  • SafeFlame is a company currently developing safer stoves for residents in Guinea. All stoves use locally-available materials and drastically reduce indoor smoke levels
  • Team worked tested oven prototypes, examined funding opportunities, partnerships, and grants, and developed social media materials for SafeFlame