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Summer Art Class on Photo and Video

Art 360B — Photo & Video
Summer Quarter — MW 12:30p-3:50p
[SLN 14374]
Beginning with photography, students will explore art practices that utilize the still image and moving image to reveal the conventions of time within video, performance, and the production of digital-based media. Over the course of the term, students will learn to shoot and print digital photographs, shoot and edit video while exploring research-based, conceptual art practices.
Accompanying studio work, the class will discuss short-form popular media ranging from advertising, music videos, public-service announcements, YouTube fan videos, and pirated online material to explore the intersections of representation, gender, and race in the short-form media formats that have come to dominate popular culture.
As each class period will include short lectures, discussion on text and media, and in-studio practicums based on both, as well as site-visits to local gallery and museums. Students will come away furthering their knowledge of photography and video and understand the linkages between media.