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Touch the Waterfront

Seattle’s downtown waterfront is undergoing a huge transformation. The new vision, dubbed “A Waterfront for All”, removes the elevated highway separating downtown Seattle from its waterfront and replaces it with a 26-block long park that will feature green public spaces, connective pathways, a bike path, and enhanced streetscapes. To help the people of Seattle better understand this vision, I developed an interactive exhibit about the park’s materiality and ecology that will be featured in the park’s information center: The Waterfront Space. With the creation of this exhibit, I seek to introduce the public to the materials, plants, and processes featured in the park in a manner that is accessible and engaging. To create this exhibit, I first conducted an extensive literature review on exhibit design and display. I then reviewed the plans for the park to identify the most relevant elements. Working with the hosts of the information center, I then selected and formulated a series of engaging and interactive activities for the exhibit. Finally, I then constructed the exhibit and installed it in the center for public use. This exhibit creates an opportunity for people to build a connection to the future park by allowing them to physically engage with it before it opens, furthering the park’s role as a place for everyone in Seattle even before its construction is complete.