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The Benson Hill Neighborhood Integrated Utility Greenway

Humans thrive when they feel connected to nature and their surroundings. Providing green space and creating a sense of place identity are two issues that cities often have to address. My project explores how by becoming what is known as an integrated utility greenway, the undeveloped green space under an overhead power line right-of-way in the Benson Hill neighborhood of Renton, Washington can be redesigned as an opportunity to address these matters, as well as additional goals identified in carious planning-related documents. Through an iterative research and design process, I’ve prepared an existing conditions inventory and analysis report, developed a series of conceptual recommendations that I’ve illustrated graphically, and constructing a guiding matrix for implementation. The design concepts are represented through digital diagrams and illustrations made using Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and mapping software. The accompanying implementation matrix cover information and strategies related to potential future application and execution of the recommendations with specific considerations being made for the local agencies, municipalities, and other pertinent entities likely to be involved. The preliminary scoping and design materials produced through this process are meant to inform relevant governing bodies and other interested parties about why this project is worth pursuing through official channels. This greenway would not only provide numerous new amenities to the Benson Hill community but would also create a place uniquely identifiable to Benson Hill that residents could form a sense of belonging and attachment to.