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The Ballard Mural Project


Rapid urbanization is a tidal wave that is taking over many Seattle neighborhoods that we know and cherish. Identical large scale apartment buildings are tearing down culturally significant buildings and simultaneously tearing away at the identity of a neighborhood. A way to combat this unforeseen growth is urban art. On top of combatting this urban growth, urban art also has a lot to offer the business owners, residents, and visitors of an area. Urban art is beginning to be more widely accepted around the world and is seen as a way to beautify our streets while also combatting illegal graffiti. Business owners and community organizations are considering the benefits of introducing murals onto their businesses and communal areas. The purpose of this project is to work jointly with The Ballard Alliance, whose Business Improvement Plan includes a section highlighting the importance and goals of implementing urban art in the commercial core of Ballard, and create a mural on a wall within the Ballard Improvement Area. Working with a non-profit in such a unique and vibrant area of Seattle such as Ballard will provide an example to the greater community that murals are a great medium to showcase an area’s identity, combat urbanization, and a way to support the arts.