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Somalia: Exploring Major Causes of Migration


Somalia’s challenges as a whole are extensive, seeming impossible to generate results. Social and political volatility and the coinciding of clan system with a teething democracy make Somalia’s circumstance a convoluted one. This complexity is further magnified by rapid urban growth, making it strenuous to centralize the potential advantages of a well-structured urban context to mobilize the improvement and development process. This project will examine urban migration in Somalia and help create guiding principles through resiliency thinking. Examining migration, its causes, its effects and how to better prepare for when crisis-induces mobility hits again. Developing Somalia’s institutions and helping them attain self-sustainability is the goal but for this project I will magnify one issue, migration, and help shed light on why urbanization in Somalia is being handled in a wrong manner. The final product will contain a series of guidelines that can be implemented into the long-range planning for Somalia. Highlighting the problems, causes, patterns, and ways to prevent and help the country gain stability and security. This is phase one of this project which likely will not have any guidelines.