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Planting the Seed: A Workshop for Students to Explore Environmental Careers



With climate change being among the biggest problems humanity faces, it is essential that youth are encouraged to pursue careers to combat it. In this project, I conduct a workshop that allows students to explore environmental careers. The workshops were conducted at a local high school to students ranging from freshman to senior status and included information about the range of environmental careers, majors in the College of the Environment at UW, an activity which allowed students to brainstorm the range of careers, and a discussion about what skills and experiences are useful to pursue those careers. After conducting the workshops, I found that students are more interested in pursuing an environmental career and more knowledgeable about the skills and experiences that will prepare them for one. Increasing an interest in students to pursue a career in the environmental field is valuable because fighting climate change is a complex task that requires the efforts, skills and knowledge of as many people as possible.