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Pacific Ave Park Master Plan


This project aims to create a comprehensive park master plan for the transformation of the City of Westport, Washington’s Pacific Ave property into a functional public park by utilizing principles of ecological restoration and community-based restoration. Within the recently finalized City of Westport Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan, the Pacific Ave property is zoned as a park, but is not currently used as a public park and has no intention of redevelopment by the city in the near future. The master plan is focused on research regarding site restoration with an assessment and incorporation of the needs of both the community and the City of Westport. The information gathered for this project through research and community engagement will be synthesized into a master park plan for the Pacific Ave Property that will be presented to the Westport City Council. The underutilized site has served many important uses throughout its history, and is located on the shore of the Elk River with a beautiful panoramic view of the South Bay and the Olympic mountains. With appropriate restoration, this site can be turned into a unique and valuable asset for both the city and the community.