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Just My Type: Developing a Community for Type 1 Diabetics at the University of Washington


About 1.25 million Americans have type 1 diabetes. Statistically, there should be around 150 students at the University of Washington and around 14,60 in the greater Seattle area with type 1. Because diabetes is a chronic condition that requires 24/7 management, it can be extremely burdensome and lead to high rates of stress and depression. Yet, there is no community for type 1 diabetics at the University of Washington. This leads me to my question: How can I build a community for Type 1 diabetics at UW while also making an impact in the fight against diabetes? For my senior capstone, I have conducted research on support groups, developed a plan to increase membership, and built relationships with other diabetic organizations in the attempt of answering this question. My goals were to 1) offer a network to type one diabetics at UW 2) to build connections between the members and the greater Seattle diabetic community and to 3) increase awareness for diabetes by raising at least $5,000. Through this process, I have created a manual for the next leader that outlines “How to Prosper the Community for Type 1’s at UW” to ensure long term success for the leaders of the group.