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Exploring Ridgefield

In cities where there is a growing population such as Ridgefield, there is an opportunity to help foster a sense of place in new and existing residents. This project and paper examined how a walking tour helps residents connect with their community, making a place more than just a location. This project was a two-part process that involved research about walking tours and the effects that they have had on the surrounding community members and then using the information in order to justify and create a walking tour of the City of Ridgefield. I conducted a literature review that looked at how a sense of place ties into a walking tour and focused on the positive impact it has on communities. In order to understand the importance of a walking tour and how it can be beneficial to a city it required looking at case studies from various cities and best practices. This helped solidify the project of developing a walking tour for the City of Ridgefield. The second part of this project involved researching about the City of Ridgefield and the unique features that it has and creating a walking tour for the city. This part of the project involved interviewing stakeholders, visiting the site, and designing a guide. This guide is in the form of a pamphlet and will be distributed amongst the citizens with the intention of helping residents connect with the city they live in.