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Designs by Origin


Human behavior can be understood through the lens of evolutionary psychology as the product of biological and psychological adaptations to an ancestral environment. This approach serves as my conceptual basis for design as I ask the question, how can we create public spaces best suited to our evolved needs as Homo sapiens? I begin the process by compiling a list of evolutionary theories for a variety of human behaviors. Preliminary designs for public spaces in a range of urban contexts are then sketched, expounded upon using digital design software including Adobe Illustrator and clarified for inclusion in my final product, the urban design look book: Designs by Origin. Existing public space designs accessed online serve as precedents within the final lookbook and as inspiration during my creative process. Accompanying my final designs are explanations of the evolutionary theories that inspired them as well as visual aids addressing both my creative process and the underlying science. This exploration of evolutionary psychology and urban design in tandem reveals a new method for design and a new lens through which the urban environment can be viewed. Designs by Origin will provide urban designers of all disciplines with an understanding of the dynamic natural process that produced their intended users and a relevant method for using this information to inform public space design.