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Being Yourself at Your Most Vulnerable

The LGBTQ population are at many disadvantages when it comes to health and healthcare. LGBTQ are at higher risks of certain physical ailments, substances abuse, and mental health disorders then the general heterosexual population. The issue we see are many LGBTQ people feel that they are unable to feel welcome in healthcare settings, and with their healthcare providers due to the fear of rejection and discrimination. Since like all people, doctors do have biases whether conscious or not. The goal of this project is to compile a set of recommendations that can be used to help healthcare providers assure LGBTQ people they are safe in their clinics. I also have created a pocket size checklist of aspects to look for in a doctor’s office such as pride flags, among other aspects to help reassure LGBTQ people they are accepted and will be cared for. Through a series of in person interviews, surveys asking both LGBTQ members and their allies, and doctor office visits is where these recommendations and checklist will come from. This is an important step in helping combat the current health disparities we are seeing in the medical field towards LGBTQ people.