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A Glimpse into Seattle’s Independent Brewery Scene


Seattle is widely known for its extensive and very successful independent microbrewery industry. My senior project seeks to document the rich culture of Seattle’s beer scene through photography and interviews with local owners and brewers. To guide the trajectory of my project, I asked myself the following question: “How is the local brewery culture of Seattle unique, and how does it build community and collaboration in local neighborhoods?”. To keep the scope of my project manageable, I focused on 7 independent breweries in particular that represent this unique community in Seattle. I conducted interviews with members of each brewery, followed by a photography tour of the facilities. My guiding questions and topics for the interview focused on how the brewery got started, their views on Seattle’s brewing culture, and how this local industry manages to put collaboration before competition. My hope is that this work will help beer drinkers better understand what they are consuming and what kind of culture they are part of, and will hopefully inspire them to explore, try new products, and meet new people. As a final summary of my project, I am creating a website displaying my findings and photographs.