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Global Health + Justice – Spring Quarter

Law 305 spring 2017

Global Health and Justice

Instructor: Beth E. Rivin, M.D., M.P.H.

This newly revised undergraduate course explores leading issues in global health and the human right to health. Specifically, it focuses on injustices that occur around the world resulting in disease, disability and death. Using a justice framework, the course will consider social determinants of health and vulnerabilities that exist among populations and subpopulations, such as women, children, people with disabilities or HIV and the poor. Special attention will be given to low and middle-income country health problems and struggles to attain healthy populations. Students will learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, international human rights law, and the pivotal role that law and legal infrastructure play in addressing injustices in health.

The course is most appropriate for juniors and seniors who have taken introductory courses in health and/or justice. Others require approval from the instructor before enrolling.