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Spend the Spring Semester in Asia!

In spring 2019, the CapAsia group intends to explore and carry out planning and building projects in Thailand and Laos, with a possible stopover elsewhere in Asia. The program is led by Professors Nihal Perera and Tim Gray, possibly joined by Profs. Olon Dotson and Wes Janz.

CapAsia is a nationally and internationally recognized, unique field-semester (11 weeks in the field). The participants truly immerse in the socially, culturally, and historically different Asia and learn by doing collaborative projects with leading universities in the region. As you learn about Asian cultures (by doing projects), make local friends, and help communities achieve higher quality of life on their own terms, this life-changing experience will help you consciously situate yourself in today’s changing world. CapAsia has received several national and international awards, and the directors were nominated for two national awards. It is open to students in American universities interested in society, culture, and space.

It is affordable and definitely worth the money. The program fee $7,200 will cover long-distance travel and lodging costs. The rest, cost of food and daily travel, is minimal. In addition, students pay tuition fees at Ball State’s rate and transfer credits. You are eligible to use most scholarships and financial aid.

If interested, please contact the program director, Nihal Perera (