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Scholarship Fair!

The 2018 Scholarship Fair is on Jan. 25, 2pm-5:30pm in Mary Gates Hall!

This event is an opportunity for UW students and alumni to learn about and explore the variety of scholarships, fellowships, and other funded programs to consider for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate years. Program representatives from over 25 UW, local, national and international organizations, agencies, departments, etc. will be tabling, as well as offering information sessions throughout the day.


Information sessions offered during the Fair include (all held in MGH 171):          

    College Success Foundation: Leadership 1000 Scholarships – 11:30am

    Schwarzman Scholars program – 12:30pm

    Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship: FLAS Last minute tips – 2:30pm             

    Washington Space Grant: Astronaut Scholarship & other opportunities  – 3:00pm          

    Marshall Scholarships Program – 4:00pm

The list of participating scholarship programs is available at