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Research Fellowship with International City/County Management Association (ICMA)


ICMA is the leading association of local government professionals dedicated to creating and sustaining thriving communities throughout the world. Our mission is to advance professional local government through leadership, management, innovation, and ethics. The management decisions made by ICMA’s members affect millions of individuals living in thousands of communities, from small villages and towns to large metropolitan areas. Through this exciting opportunity, we will select up to four subject matter experts that will form the inaugural cohort of ICMA Local Government Research Fellows. Each of the selected fellows will be tasked with conducting research that will complement the work of ICMA’s internal research team. Fellows will also be able to leverage our robust network of more than 12,000 ICMA members, local government experts, and other individuals and organizations throughout the world who inform and apply ICMA’s publications, data and information; peer and results-oriented assistance; and training and professional development activities.