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Professionals Council: Lessons from The Netherlands May 28 @ PSRC

Please join us to hear guest speaker Derek Taylor speak about lessons from The Netherlands.


A Successful Integrated Mobility Strategy: Lessons from The Netherlands
Presented by Goudappel Coffeng, Mobility Consultants
Guest Speaker: Derek Taylor, Mobility Analyst with Goudappel Coffeng

Tuesday, May 28 from 9:00 – 11:00 am

Puget Sound Regional Council

1011 Western Avenue, Seattle, Suite 500


A well-connected and integrated transportation network has the power to improve the environment, economy and our everyday lives. The Netherlands has achieved a fully integrated mobility network by incorporating four strategies into their transportation planning: urban planning, connectivity, mobility transfers and user experience. Goudappel Coffeng, the leading mobility consulting firm in The Netherlands, will explain how The Netherlands is leading the world in building and managing successful mobility systems.


Please register if you are planning to attend, there is limited space.