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New Bikeshare Systems on Campus – Special Pricing for UW

New bike sharing systems have launched in Seattle, providing a new way to commute to UW! These new, privately operated services differ from past systems – with these services you can park at any public bike rack on campus!

Bikeshare Guidelines on Campus:

  • Always park the bikes on a bike rack when on campus.
  • Yield to pedestrians and follow the rules of the road.
  • Bring your own helmet with you, and wear it when you ride.
  • (Don’t have one? Recycled Cycles and Bike Works offer discounts when you show your Husky Card.)

    Spin (orange bikes) and LimeBike (green bikes) both offer 50% off rides when you sign up using your email address in the app!

    Bikeshare may provide great new mobility options for you:

  • Commute between campus and Seattle neighborhoods if you don’t have a bike, or if you decide that it’s just such a nice evening you don’t want to take the bus home after all.
  • Connect quickly to cross-campus destinations, such as the Link light rail station, by taking a bikeshare bike on the Burke-Gilman Trail.
  • Breathe easy after you lock up the bike and end your trip, free from concern about theft and vandalism.
  • How to use “dock-less” bikeshare:

  • Download the app for each service (see above) and take advantage of special UW pricing by signing up using your “” email address.
  • Find an available bike in person or locate one on the live map in each app.
  • Unlock the bike using your phone and the app.
  • Put on your helmet (the bikes don’t come with one, so remember to bring yours with you).
  • Ride the bike to your destination. Remember to follow the rules of the road and yield to pedestrians.
  • Park at any bike rack on campus. Off campus, your parking options are a little more broad, but when you’re at the UW please help everyone out by placing the bike only on a rack and using its built-in wheel lock.
  • These dock-less bikeshare systems are operating in Seattle on a pilot basis, and we are interested in your thoughts and experiences with the systems. If you have problems using or signing up for these services, contact the companies directly. If you have questions or feedback about using the bikes on campus, please contact Transportation Services at

    Thanks and happy riding!