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Leadership Opportunity – Beyond the Bomb Action Corps

This past year has made it clear: we cannot trust our political leaders to stop us from going to nuclear war. Whether he’s tweeting “fire and fury” or proposing increasing our arsenal tenfold, the President’s threats and actions have placed our communities and our world in more danger.

We need a movement of trained leaders who will demand their politicians bring us back from the brink of nuclear war, and who will demand an end to weapons that can destroy whole cities.

Each year, we bring together activists from across the country ready to take action in their community to ensure we never go to nuclear war. We’re looking for folks who are ready to dig into the work: build connections across their campus or city, hold events to educate and mobilize their peers, and ensure nuclear disarmament is a key issue in the upcoming elections.

And we’ll give you the skills to do it! We bring together the whole team in DC each year to train on fundamental campaign skills, the history of the nuclear threat, and the importance of organizing. Our field team mentors organizers throughout the year over the phone, with online resources, and occasionally by helping them hold events in person. This year, organizers will focus on demanding their city council and congressional candidates are in support of checks and balances on the President’s unilateral ability to launch a nuclear weapon whenever, wherever.

Ready to apply? Fill out the application here. A member of the field team will reach out if you are selected for an interview.

Early application deadline May 20th. Application deadline June 10th.

Time commitment is 3-5 hours a week for a year starting in August.