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L ARCH 598C Seminar on Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Special Topics
Tu Th 4–5.20
Gould 100
3 credits

Winter quarter graduate MLA seminar revolving around the nebulous–but luminous–topics: design studio pedagogy/teaching design/design thinking.

As befitting topic, seminar will be ‘experimental’, including hands-on, active explorations, reading and creation of tangible product(s). Seminar may be of particular interest to those considering teaching careers or applying ‘design thinking’ in contexts beyond the design professions.

Two or three Honors undergraduates, with whom I worked in a ‘Design Thinking’ class last year may join the seminar to complement hoary, aged, MLA wisdom with youthful, impetuous enthusiasm.

To foster fruitful conversations & activities, seminar size will be limited.

For admission, create a diagram that eloquently describes the hole in your education that you hope/wish/believe that this seminar will fill AND what you might DO with what you learn in this seminar.

Send digital or paper copy to Iain Robertson: or LA office mail box

Copy of book produced by the Honors Design Thinking class is in my mail box for your perusal, per usual constraints.