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Job Opportunities – Planning Manager, Medina, WA

Medina – Planning Manager:  Salary:  $85,728  – 107,184


The City of Medina operates as a Council/Manager form of government with a seven-member non-partisan part-time City Council. The Council is elected at large every two years to staggered four-year terms. The Mayor is selected by the City Council and serves a two-Year term. The City has a total of 25 FTE’s and a 2018 General Fund of $6 million.

The Lake Washington waterfront in Medina is some of the most-sought after waterfront in the Pacific Northwest. The citizenry is made up of primarily professionals, doctors, lawyers and CEOs of major Fortune 500 corporations, and has the 2nd highest per-capita income in Washington.

The Planning Manager is a new position that performs a variety of administrative, and professional work in development and implementation of community development plans, programs and services.  The Development Services Department operates on a 2018 budget of $800,000 and has 3 full-time staff including the Director of Development Services, the Development Services Coordinator, and a new Planning Manager. While the city of Medina is small in population, the projects seen under permit applications are often large and complex, resulting in unique expectations of City staff.


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