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Healthy Ways to Respond to Stressful Student Life – NURS 204

NURS 204 Learning Wellness: Healthy Ways to Respond to Stressful Student Life
Winter Quarter 2017

This course is open to all students across departments.
Come learn what to do when you’re stressed out! You’ll learn about self-care and other tools from top experts on health, wellness and self-care. We’ll examine the intimate connections of body, mind, spirit, as well as how stress challenges personal health. Provides overview of methods that respond to stress in health-producing ways, including time management, making healthy choices, and practicing wellness. Discusses evidence for each method and provides experiential components. Taught by Lisa Taylor-Swanson, PhD, MAcOM, EAMP, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Postdoctoral Fellow in UW School of Medicine, BIME,