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Health by Design Jobs & Updates

’m writing to share that Health by Design has two positions posted, a statewide (Indiana) Active Living Program Manager and a Walk & Bike Program Coordinator/Manager (for efforts in Indianapolis). The job postings have more information about our organization, the position, duties and responsibilities, required education/experience, compensation and more. I’ve been slow in sharing this outside of Indiana, so if you’re interested, please apply as soon as possible.

Our ideal candidates will have experience working with diverse community partners; a deep understanding of the principles of equity, inclusiveness and power across multiple dimensions (such as race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, income and place); and life and/or professional experience working across those dimensions. While the positions are tied to grants and contracts, we have a solid track record of securing and maintaining funding and have never had to reduce/eliminate staff positions.

It’s an exciting time for our organization! For more background, our strategic plan is available online here, and you can read recent coalition updates online here and here. We recently released an Active Living Guidebook (more info here), and we’re pleased to be hosting Indiana’s first Health Equity SummitChanging the Conversation, next month.