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Study Abroad – Ecuador

GWSS faculty invite you to explore Summer B term in Quito, Ecuador called “Sumak Kawsay: Well-Being, “Race,” and Gender in Ecuador/Feminista Movements, Feminista Musics in Ecuador. Please see description below.

Info sessions will be held on 1/24, 3:30 in Mary Gates Hall 211B or 2/3, 12:30 in Mary Gates Hall 211.  

Sumak Kawsay: Well-Being, “Race,” and Gender in Ecuador. Application due 2/15

Feminista Movements, Feminista Musics in Ecuador

*Class taught in English. Financial aid available.

“We demand policies in favor of indigenous, black, mestiza, rural and impoverished urban women who have maintained the food sovereignty of our peoples:  land, water, productive resources, greater access to knowledge, greater recognition of the knowledge we have formed through the caring relationship with nature.” Carmelina Morán, Assembla de  Mujeres Populares y Diversas, Ecuador

This program considers the dialogue between feminista movements and feminista musics. Learn about sonic feministas in Ecuadorian hip hop, Afro-descendent music, and in Afro-diaspora culture. Course considers the music’s relationship to indigenous social movements rooted in Buen Vivir/Sumak Kawsay, a practice that recognizes the reciprocal well-being of earth/la pachamama and her inhabitants. Feminista movements and music will be considered within Ecuador’s general history of social movements for Buen Vivir/Sumak Kawsay.

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