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Exciting Sustainability Opportunity- Conscious College Road Tour

1.1.18 ccrt-2018-flyer

My name is Cami, and I am a college student serving as the Student Advisory Board Vice President this year for the organization Turning Green. I’m excited to introduce you to an amazing program we offer: the Conscious College Road Tour. We would like to forward this along to students as well as read about it yourself. Learn more below.

Turning Green is accepting applications for the 7th Annual Conscious College Road Tour, taking place March 19 – May 4, 2018. The Tour will make stops at 16 college campuses across the country. We would love to include University of Washington as one of our stops this year.

The CCRT works to inform students on a variety of sustainability themes, empower them to create tangible change in their community, and mobilize them around a student-led actionable project. Each stop includes an educational tabling event mid day focusing on key themes of food, body, zero waste, fashion, clean and home and then is followed up in the evening with a Town Hall meeting to develop a sustainability project led by students. The event fosters a valuable collaboration between students, faculty, and staff as we work alongside you to implement a sustainability project on each college campus. The CCRT also provides an opportunity for students who are interested in applying for a TG summer internship to meet with the team.

What students are saying about CCRT:

  • Bradley, Arizona State University: “I think your organization’s platform is just what college campuses need. I met other student leaders tonight that I have never met before! Thanks for such a great presentation and a great day.”

  • Jordan, Cleveland State University: “I know a lot of people were surprised by the endless facts that they learned. Each station offered so much information. We enlightened so many people. It was such an amazing experience to host the event, I can’t wait to see the ripple effect it has on campus!”

  • Brett, Clemson University: “As a senior I can honestly say that the CCRT event was one of my finer memories of student collaboration. A true definition of Solid Green and the Clemson Family mentality.”

  • Erica, California Polytechnic State University: “Thank you Turning Green for making the CCRT possible at Cal Poly and for all the amazing efforts you make to spread awareness on sustainability and make it accessible to everyone! I was so inspired by the impact of this event on my campus. I think the CCRT is exactly what colleges need to really install a conscious mindset on campus, and make it stick.”

We invite you to apply for a Road Tour stop at your school! Please take a look at the CCRT webpage here for more details and videos of previous Road Tour stops.

Students or staff who wish to host a Road Tour Stop at their school can apply here. Upon review, we will let you know if your application has been selected for a phone interview, the final step of the application process. We hope to develop unique and powerful projects, transform practices and actions, and change the world together.

Please join us!



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