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ENVIR 239 Sustainable Choices

Hello! My name is Alexa Schreier and I’ll be teaching ENVIR 239 Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts over the Summer (Full term) quarter and would love to have you in class. The summer is a great time to take ENVIR 239 because each class session will consist of a field trip to explore different issues of sustainability around the UW and greater Seattle community. I’m working to schedule field trips at the Seattle Public Utilities Transfer Station, the Bullitt Center, Cascadia Recycling Center, Cedar Grove Composting, the Sewage Treatment Plant, the King County Landfill, and SkyRoot Farm. The summer provides a small class setting for 239 in which we’ll be doing a lot of discussing and learning together- we’ll be taking an introspective look at how we each contribute to the waste stream, via personal habits, consumption, and daily resource use. This is going to be an awesome class and I would love to have you join me!

ENVIR 239 A: Sustainability – Personal Choices, Broad Impacts

SLN:  11484

Summer 2019 – Full Term

3 or 5 credit option (5 credits includes signing up for Service Learning)

I&S or NW

Mondays 9:10am – 1:40pm

Contact:  Alexa Schreier, instructor

All students welcome!