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First Strategic Plan

CEP creates its first Strategic Plan and begins an ongoing two-year planning cycle. The strategic plan refines the CEP mission and vision, builds continuity, and helps the major reach its long-term goals.

Creation of Stewards Council

CEP created the Stewards Council, comprised of alumni, students, and community members. The Council’s mission is to support the program by providing continuity, experience, vision, and new resources.

Programmatic Review

CEP students, staff, and faculty conduct the first significant review of the major. The review identifies several strengths as well as areas requiring additional focus. These include Program Identity, Student Responsibility, and Program Evaluation.

New Mission Statement and Core Values

Students agree by consensus to a new mission statement and set of core values. The new values are Practice, Intentionality, Personal Formation, Stewardship, and Communal Learning.

Evaluation of Grading Policy

After years of deliberation, CEP students modify the distinguishing assessment structure of the major, introducing, for the first time, the ability to be graded on the traditional 4.0 scale in core CEP courses rather than receiving credit/no credit and narrative evaluations. Students also vote to provide credit for Governance participation.

Migration to Digital Portfolios

The Migration to Digital Portfolios: CEP Senior Portfolios, a capstone requirement illustrating and synthesizing each student’s educational path, moves from its traditional physical format to an online, dynamic format.

CEP Name Change

CEP changes its name to Community, Environment, and Planning to distinguish itself from the specific field of environmental planning.