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Boren Awards Program – Funding for Study Abroad

I’m excited to share that Michael Saffle from the Boren Awards will be visiting the UW on October 18th to talk with students about Boren funding for study abroad. He’s offering an information session in Mary Gates Hall 171 at 4pm. Below I’ve listed a few highlights of the Boren Funding and I’ve included photo of a few of our 2016 undergraduate Boren Scholars.

A few highlights to share about the Boren Awards:
· Open to U.S. citizens
· Up to $20,000 for undergraduates who study language abroad during the academic year (semester or longer)
· Must be studying a language abroad
· Up to $8,000 for STEM students to study a language abroad during the summer
· Special language African Languages and South Asian languages initiative.
· Up to $30,000 for graduate students who will study a language abroad
· Special initiative for ROTC students

Learn more about the award on October 18th at 4pm!

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