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B E 498 F / 598 F Cites on Screen 1-credit course has space available

Interested in cities and film? 1-credit course B E 498 F / 598 F Cites on Screen has space available!

BE 498 F | 598 F Cities on Screen is a 1-credit film series and seminar in the College of the Built Environment that offers design and planning students and other UW community members interested in the relationship of cinema and the city an opportunity to:

  • view feature films in their entirety
  • read authors who cogently help frame and give new perspectives on what we watch
  • discuss cinema and how it influences our perception and experience of the built environment.

The course meets alternate Friday afternoons starting Friday, September 27 from 3:30-5:50 PM in Gould 322 and is open to undergraduates and graduates in CBE and university-wide.

Film offers insights into how we construct, represent, document and navigate our social and built environments. At the same time, the virtual space of cinema influences our thinking, and by extension, our experience and design of both complex ideas and real places.

This fall quarter 2019, we explore the theme of “Black and White,” which denotes a film process and an aesthetic, as well as connoting confident assertions of certainty and more fraught attributions of real or perceived Otherness. “Black and White” conjures binaries and blurring, of truth and deception, of good and evil, documentary and drama, identity and indignity, conformity and difference; and imparts meaning and metaphor in the cinematic city around issues of race, gender and the so-called Other.