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Study Abroad in Canada (Summer A Term)

Wonderful Study Abroad Program in Canada this Summer Quarter.  The class
visits Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa, June 16th – June 23rd, 2019,
3-5 credits, with Professor Fritz Wagner and Dr. Regent Cadana.  There
is time to make the trip before Summer Quarter begins and include the
credits on Summer Quarter tuition.  This Canada Field Study course can
count for I&S credits.  Sign up for the class as either URBDP 498C or
URBDP 598C or L ARCH 495A, 3-5 credits.  This course can count towards
URBDP or UED Minors.

Please contact Prof. Fritz Wagner, or 206-351-6749, for
questions. Registration is between April 15th – May 25th, 2019.  There
is a $150.00 scholarship to the first ten students who complete the
course.  Please see attached poster.