Welcome to the CEP Senior Project Film Festival!

This page features 33 short films created by seniors in the Community, Environment, and
Planning major at the University of Washington. These films center on topics of community
engagement, food systems, urban design, equity, resiliency, and more. To learn more about
our students and their projects, please view our program. Enjoy!

Room 1

Rebecca Fogel

Honglin Chen

Morgan Matthews

Room 2

Ryan Barbee

Steffan Ortega

Emily Aoki Yamashita

Room 3

Kaelyn Thede

Tulili Tuiteleleapaga-Howard

Blair Ivy

Room 4

Kori Carter

Eléni Marie Williams

Zhuoheng (Brian) Liu

Room 5

Aury Banos

Kate Merifield

Emily Forsberg

Room 6

Kona Farry

Reb Zhou

Hailey Petersen

Room 7

Helen L. Ganahl

Matthew Ellis

Anabella King

Room 8

Sean Long

Zak Mohamed

Jenna Brewington

Room 9

Tyler Simpson

Yohaly Camacho

Abby Tish

Room 10

Izumi Goto Nance

Stuart Danford

Sydney Solis

Room 11

Zhuoheng (Brian) Liu

Ashley Wright

Ethan Jone