Sophie Solomon

Sophie Solomon is a current senior at the University of Washington, double majoring in CEP and the Comparative History of Ideas. Born and raised in San Francisco, she has developed an interest in relationships in urban environments, both as a teen living in San Francisco, and throughout her time at the University of Washington.  Sophie is interested in the nature of interactions in urban spaces, and the power that deep connection to place holds within one’s identity, a power that she believes often evades words or categorization. She is interested in how an understanding of the love and deep attachment people have for place shapes identity, and how concepts of love, attachment and a nuanced understanding of the complex nature of love and attachment can be incorporated into the planning process. Outside of class Sophie has spent time interning at two arts funding organizations, Artist Trust and the Office of Arts and Culture. At Artist Trust, a Washington-state arts support and funding organization she has worked as the Business Practices intern, supporting programming that helps Washington-state artist develop business skills to support their arts practice, and the Artist Engagement Intern, supporting efforts to connect with artists across Washington-state, and doing so in accordance with Artist Trust’s recent Racial Equity plan. At the Office of Arts and Culture, Sophie has been the Cultural Partnerships Intern. As the Cultural Partnerships Intern she has worked on funding programs like the Cultural Facilities Funding program, and the City Artists funding program. Through her time at both of these internships, Sophie has developed an interest in grant making and the role that grants can play in creating equitable and vibrant arts communities.