Lou Yardley

Lou Yardley

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Focus: Community Engagement and Accessibility

Why did you choose CEP? I chose CEP because I had too many interests and CEP let me study them all! I knew I wanted to pursue something related to the environment, people, planning and design. I am in my senior year at UW double majoring in CEP and English with minors in Urban Planning and Art History. I still have too many interests but at least I get to keep learning about them all 🙂

Favorite Place in Seattle and Why?: An August night at Golden Gardens watching the sunset. The people watching is entertaining, great company is always included and the views are unbeatable.

It’s the future, all humans are being transitioned to hybrid animals so we’ll stop being so destructive. What two animals would you combine? I would combine a bird and a worm so it becomes a self-sufficient animal. Birds eat worms, so if they’re combined maybe the bird will be constantly full with worms and not need to use any of the earth’s resources!?