Jasmine Leung

Jasmine is a senior studying Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) with minors in Environmental Studies and Chinese. She is especially interested in the areas of sustainability, education, and community development, which were first inspired by a high school study abroad trip to Beijing. While abroad, she become fascinated by the different cultural perspectives and approaches towards sustainability, environmental issues, and education that she observed.

Jasmine’s interests have led her to explore multiple opportunities and leadership positions, including instructing an education seminar focused on teaching children about science and environmental issues, helping organize the 2018 UW Earth Day event, interning with the National Park Service, and returning to Beijing to study sustainability with the UW Environmental Studies Program in the winter of 2017. Throughout her time at the UW, Jasmine has come to better understand the intersectionality of environmental issues, education, equity, and diversity, and is interested in incorporating a lens of equity and diversity into the fields of environmentalism, sustainability, and education.

Outside academia, Jasmine can be found drawing, hiking, and organizing events for the UW Earth Club.