James Cooper

Guided by concern for community equity and environmental stewardship, Cooper comes to CEP ingrained with the philosophy of intersectional thinking for guiding the built environment. His efforts to provide a humane means of transportation for all and support a reduction of CO2 output is focused on transportation planning. In 2012 Cooper moved away from friends and family near Dallas, Texas in order to reduce his environmental impact and has continually improved upon those efforts by becoming car-free-carefree, reducing his meat consumption, and shopping locally. Outside of school, Cooper works with various organizations and agencies who promote his values. In 2015 he worked with Connect Downtown to promote plans for a future network of all ages and abilities bicycle infrastructure downtown Seattle. Later that year he worked with Freewheel Cargo (a zero emissions freight company) to gain first hand knowledge and experience related to the movement of goods in a dense urban area. The second Tuesday of each month you can find him at a meeting hosted by The Urbanist where visitors are treated to a meeting with various officials who work in a planning capacity in the Puget Sound region.