Isis Gamble, Student Assistant

Isis attended Portland State University and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Community Development with a minor in Sustainable Urban Design. She is currently a first year graduate student in the MUP program here at University of Washington. Through her studies, she has developed a strong passion for equitable growth and asset-based community development. Isis hopes to be an urban planner who focuses on “self-gentrification,” a term coined by urban developer Majora Carter. She is also interested in investigating the symbiotic relationship between culture and the built environment. As the student assistant, she is eager to learn about the CEP students and their passions. She has a knack for editing papers, cover letters, and resumes, and wants to be of assistance to any CEP student need. Aside from studying and diving into all things urban planning, Isis can be found in the gym, snuggling with her cat Moxie, watching The Simpsons, or listening to podcasts.